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We want to help you expand your donor base to reach millions of new
recurring monthly supporters

Multi-Level Fundraising Platform

Empower every donor to invite friends and family, helping your organization reach its goals quicker.

Recurring Monthly Donations

Gain exponential impact with automated monthly donations from all supporters to your cause.

Run Unlimited Campaigns

Create multiple campaigns targeting audiences passionate about supporting your specific causes.

How Does It Work?


Create Your Unique Campaign(s)

Easily create personalized fundraising campaigns that align with your organization's mission and goals. Customize with messaging and images. Customized campaigns can increase donations by fostering personal connections.

Invite Your Supporters To Donate Monthly

After launching your campaign, easily invite your supporters to donate monthly using our secure payment options. Recurring monthly donations create stable funding and increase donor retention.

Empower Your Supporters

Our platform's viral feature empowers supporters to invite friends/family to donate through their unique links, expanding your audience and fundraising potential. This increases exposure to previously untapped audiences.

Multilevel Fundraising Platform

Expand your donor network through our unique multilevel fundraising platform. Empower any tier donors to invite their family and friends. This enables your organization to achieve unprecedented levels of growth

Individual Donor Tracking

Our platform makes it convenient for donors to track their total contributions and impact, no matter how big or small their monthly donation. This feature will motivate all your donors to actively share and increase their impact.

Donor Communication Made Easy

Our Built-in messaging tool makes it simple to keep supporters updated and appreciated, ensuring they remain engaged and well-informed. This results in improved donor relations, higher donations, and organizational growth.

About ZuluNest

At ZuluNest, we are passionate about supporting non-profit organizations and the vital work they do to make the world a better place. We understand that for many non-profits, securing funding can be a significant challenge, and we wanted to create a solution to help bridge this gap.
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ZuluNest uses Paypal and Stripe to process donations
which each have a separate nonprofit rate of 2.2% + 30 Cents